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since 1987

since 1987

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Since 1987, TAC has specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of abrasion and corrosion-resistant lining systems, utilizing materials such as:

  • Structural ceramic tile
  • Acid/caustic-resistant brick
  • Thermoplastic
  • Polymer-modified concrete
  • Urethane, vinyl ester and rubber membranes
  • Epoxy (or other resin) linings and coatings

TAC offers extensive technical expertise for the inspection, protection and/or rehabilitation of steel or concrete structures. Rehabilitation work includes rebuilding tanks and roof/floor slabs that have been exposed to atmospheric and chemical deterioration. Our engineering skills also allow us to increase design load capacities resulting from modification of floor loads, process conditions or equipment location.

To aid clients maintain, and even extend, the life expectancy of their equipment and vessels, TAC also offers ongoing technical support and inspection services leading to the implementation of a predictive and preventive maintenance program.


We are committed to providing quality services, materials, products and installations to meet the specific needs of our clients, while respecting their budget and schedule, as well as all health, safety and environment (HSE) requirements.

  1. TAC completes the design of a 650-ton high density tank at a U.S. pulp and paper mill in Selma, AL.
  2. TAC completes the total rebuild of the dome lining of a titanium dioxide leach reactor at a metallurgical facility in Québec.
  3. TAC undertakes the rehabilitation of wood stave tanks at a pulp and paper mill in La Tuque, QC.
  4. TAC celebrates 30 years in the field of corrosion and abrasion-control technology.
  5. TAC undertakes its first U.S. project – the design and construction of a 1000-ton bleached kraft high density tower in Lewiston, ID.
  6. TAC installs abrasion-resistant linings in over 25 process tanks at a mining facility expansion in Rocanville, SK.
  7. TAC carries out a phased concrete rehabilitation of a thickener dome at a mining facility in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.
  8. TAC installs over 45,000 ft2 of abrasion-resistant linings in 98 process tanks at a new mining facility in Penobsquis, NB.
  9. TAC undertakes a phased concrete rehabilitation, including floor replacement and tunnel repairs, of an ammonium sulphate storage shed at a mining facility in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.
  10. TAC completes the design and installation of corrosion-resistant linings for 2 autoclaves (for the extraction of various metals remaining in the residue of copper ore) in Montreal-East, QC.
  11. TAC completes the design and construction of five pulp storage tanks for a paper recycling mill expansion in Scarborough, ON.
  12. TAC completes the design and installation of refractory linings for 2 acid gas combustion chambers in Montreal-East, QC.
  13. Technical Acid Construction T.A.C. West Limited (TAC West) is incorporated in the British Columbia to provide corrosion and abrasion control services throughout Western Canada.
  14. TAC completes the lining of five titanium dioxide leach reactors at a major metallurgical facility in Québec. TAC maintains the linings as required.
  15. TAC undertakes the design and build of the largest high density pulp storage tank in Canada (capacity of 800 tons at 10% consistency) in La Tuque, QC.
  16. TAC completes the design and build of a new pulp plant near Québec City, consisting of several ceramic tile-lined process chests and storage tanks.
  17. TAC enters into the Pulp and Paper industry with its first design/build project – a ceramic-lined white water tank.
  18. Technologie Anti-Corrosive T.A.C. Inc./T.A.C. Corrosion Resistant Technology Inc. (TAC) is incorporated by Michel Girard (President) and Robert Baird.